Ice Cream Fork - Wallace

Ice Cream Fork – Wallace

Milk-based ice cream has been enjoyed in the Old World as early as the 16th century and initially, spoons and spades of all shapes and sizes were reappropriated for this new frozen dessert. The modern ice cream scoop was not invented until the 19th century in America.

These advanced scoops made the lives of soda fountain jerks much easier and less messy than the spades and scoops they had previously.

1876 Tin Ice Cream Scoop

1876 Tin Ice Cream “Conical Key Scoop”

Ice Cream Scoop Patent

1897 Mechanical Ice Cream Scoop Patent

The patent for the modern ice-cream scoop was made in 1897 by Alfred L. Cralle, and is considered to be the first patent by an African American inventor.

The creation of the ice cream cone during the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair cemented the utility of the ice cream scoops that have made their way into our homes and kitchens.

Berco Kitchen has gone back to the roots of ice cream scoops and updated them, combining modern design with new aluminum alloys and specialized coating materials to reduce the need for mechanical parts that can break down with use.


Berco Kitchen Red Ice Cream Scoop – 2015